Year Two

As we enter Year Two post-disaster, Rebuild NorthBay is ramping up our activities. We are pleased to announce our new dedicated office space at 595 5th St. West in Sonoma. From our inception in October 2017, we have dedicated ourselves to the long-term recovery, resiliency and reimagining of the North Bay. We remain committed to this vision.

Coffey Park Walls Project

As of November 8th, construction on the new Hopper Ave Wall is officially underway! This new wall is chosen by the neighborhood, for the people, and at no cost to them. We are making our way through this journey together -- until the last family is home.

The Rise Up Project is officially underway!

We are so grateful to all the Rise Up Partners for making this project happen. Where fences typically divide neighbors, this fence is building community. Together we can!

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Our Mission Statement

Rebuild North Bay Foundation is committed to the long-term rebuilding of our region as a more sustainable and resilient community through Advocacy, Coordination and Economic and Workforce Development.

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Rebuild NorthBay Foundation in the News

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Economist Robert Eyler says lessons learned in burned Sonoma County could help Butte

We don’t know who will stay, who’s not going to stay, who’s going to rebuild, who’s … 8 Camp Fire, the North Bay fires were the county’s most costly.

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Rebuilding Sonoma County: Sonoma Valley moves forward in 2018

“Sonoma Valley has been a little slower to rebuild,” said valley resident Jennifer Gray Thompson, head of the Rebuild North Bay Foundation.

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INTERVIEW: Looking Back at 2018 and What’s Ahead for the Rebuild North Bay Foundation

Jennifer Gray Thompson, Executive Director for Rebuild North Bay Foundation, talks about the greatest accomplishments her organization achieved in …

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Rebuild: Coffey Park recovery built on resilient neighbors

The company donated $450,000 and agreed to work with Coffey Strong and the Rebuild NorthBay Foundation. It’s a nonprofit founded by Darius …

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Rebuilding Sonoma County: Fencing project, new homes underway in greater Mark West

Rebuilding Sonoma County: Fencing project, new homes underway in … Rebuild NorthBay and Habitat for Humanity have partnered on the “Rise Up” …

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Coffey Fire Survivors to Hold Meetings in Chico

… Coffey Strong Board member; Steve Rahmn, Coffey Strong Board Member; Michele Rahmn; Board Member of Coffey Strong and Rebuild Northbay …

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Rise Up Project

Together We Can

Larkfield Estates and Mark West Estates approached Rebuild Northbay Foundation requesting assistance for approximately one mile of common perimeter fencing. Both neighborhoods were decimated in the fires and neither neighborhood has the means to replace the fence. This is an unmet need.