About Us

Rebuilding North Bay better, safer, greener, faster.

Who We Are

We are a team of experienced community and business leaders committed to being here for the long term recovery and rebuilding of our community.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of leaders from multiple sectors: business, healthcare, education, nonprofit, technology, energy, agriculture, labor, environment.

Our Honorary Board is chaired by Congressman Mike Thompson and California Governor Gavin Newsom, and populated by state and local elected officials across the region.

Our Advisory Council is sectored into five (6) committees with leadership from 50 organizations: Regional Public Sector; Economic & Workforce Development; Housing; Environment & Sustainability; Philanthropy; Non-Profit; Agriculture.

Our work is driven by the central question: “What do you need and how can we help?”

We can leap forward as a region while addressing ongoing issues including a severe shortage of affordable housing and workforce.

We can be a model region for rebuilding and know this is possible as we collaborate with our public officials, private sector, nonprofit community, and most importantly, our friends and neighbors who have lost everything but possess a resilient community spirit.

How We Do It


Rebuilding the North Bay better, safer, greener, and faster will depend upon building coalitions, fostering stronger connections across sectors, and ensuring we use data that is vetted and reliable.

We engage in advocacy with our public sector partners, providing our website as a digital platform for rebuilding, convening public, private and non-profit leaders from across the region to solve collective challenges, and addressing post disaster gap needs through partnerships to address needs related to disaster preparedness.

Rebuild is proud to lead collaborative efforts of the public, private and nonprofit sectors to fill immense unmet needs that otherwise would fall on the backs of our most affected and financially vulnerable residents: those who have already lost everything. We strongly believe the fire affected communities need and deserve our full attention until every family is home.

Communication, Connection & Data

This website is intended to be dynamic, expansive, and we depend upon users to offer feedback, suggestions for content, and event submissions. We view this site as a collaborative effort. We want to hear from you. Let us know what you need and what you are thinking.


We support our region in partnership with elected and non-government officials at the state and federal level to ensure our economically vital region receives the necessary government funding for our region to recover and rebuild.

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