Employment Listing

December 2, 2019

Request for Qualifications – Project Coordination Services
Taking Action to Reduce Wildfire Hazards: an Initiative of Rebuild NorthBay Foundation

Project Summary
The Taking Action Initiative is a regional and collaborative public-private effort focused on advancing climate adaptation and forest health strategies to reduce wildfire risks and related life and property losses. Our focus is on catalyzing enterprise-based treatments and other economic incentives in partnership with landowners, businesses, service organizations, and public agencies located in four North Bay counties (Sonoma, Napa, Lake, and Mendocino). Core activities central to the development of an integrated strategy include the following.

      • Providing leadership and innovation on multi-county, cross-sector capacity building
      • Advancing evidence-based fire risk reduction strategies customized for our North Bay counties’ diverse mosaic of micro-climates, vegetation, and development
      • Empowering and incentivizing landowners, residents, service organizations, and local businesses to co-create “treatment complexes” fitted to their unique conditions
      • Promoting the forest management infrastructure needed to support enterprise operations
      • Creating new business enterprise opportunities for firms providing forest management and fire risk reduction services

Our goal is to ultimately help monetize the ecosystem and risk reduction benefits obtained through sound forest management to create revenue streams that incentivize participation and augment public funding sources.

Services Requested
We are seeking the following Project Coordination services. We envision theses services being implemented by an individual or a team led by a designated Project Coordinator.

      1. Team Facilitation. The Project Coordinator will facilitate the collaboration of the Taking Action network, including engagement of a core team of advisors, the development and maintenance of a project work plan, calendaring needed meetings and conference calls, and milestone tracking. The Project Coordinator will also support communications with the Rebuild North Bay Board, staff, and it’s four-county Environment and Sustainability Advisory Council and other project partners.
      2. Administrative Support. The Project Coordinator will support the preparation and administration of grant applications, generation and archiving of meeting documentation and project reports.
      3. Program Development. The Project Coordinator will be a strategic partner in the evolution of key Taking Action goals and actions across the four-county service area. They will help shape detailed plans for growing this initiative via the collaborative development of an organizational prospectus.

The term of these services will be on an estimated part-time basis for an approximate six-month period beginning on January 15, 2020. Qualified applicants will be invited to provide input on the structuring of project time commitments based on available resources.

Required Qualifications
Respondents to this Request for Qualifications should demonstrate the following competencies.

      1. Proven project coordination track record in multi-partner contexts.
      2. Expertise facilitating natural resources and public-private partnerships and processes.
      3. Expertise in administrative functions (professional correspondence, project documentation, grant preparation and reporting, project data management).
      4. Proven track record organizing and facilitating interactive public meetings, collaborative working sessions, and development of diverse partnerships.
      5. Media and technology savviness.

Other Requirements
Physical ability to engage computer workstation and mobile technology on multiple platforms, conduct in-person communications

Valid CA Driver’s License and personal transportation 

Valid insurance coverage, including but not limited to professional liability, Workman’s Compensation, and any other applicable requirements by law applicable to all engaged project staff or sub-contractors.

Application Materials
Respondents should provide the following items.

      1. A general Statement of Qualifications for the organization and biographies of any key professionals to be assigned.
      2. A statement of “project understanding” drawing upon the Scope of Services described above and providing additional insights, suggestions, or questions.
      3. Description of one or more similar projects completed demonstrating the respondent’s experience and capacities.
      4. Three professional references (clients) involving services similar to those sought through this Request for Qualifications.

Schedule and Selection Process
Rebuild NorthBay Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. Questions and applications can be directed to Lisa Micheli, Co-Chair, Environment and Sustainability Advisory Council, Rebuild NorthBay, lmicheli@pepperwoodpreserve.org. We seek full submissions to this Request for Qualifications by December 15, 2019. Qualified applicants are welcome to contact us with clarifying questions.