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Why do we need an Organization like Rebuild?

The devastation that our region incurred requires all sectors to participate in our long-term recovery and rebuilding. We primarily represent the private sector as it is clear the public and nonprofit sectors cannot carry this weight alone. During and post-disaster, it is common for the community to look towards the public sector to not only attend to the disaster response, but also to continue with all pre-disaster services. Whatever cannot be filled by the public sector falls to the non-profit sector, thus often breaking the backs of our critical non-profit organizations.

At Rebuild, we believe the private sector has a personal and professional responsibility in to play an active role in our recovery and rebuild. What we know is our private sector leaders  want to play an active role because this is their community too. Everything that happens here, including disasters, affects their employees, families, and the larger community. We believe all sectors need a seat at the table to not only recover, but also to leap ahead regionally.

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What Does Rebuild NorthBay Do?

Our work is driven by the central question: “What do you need and how can we help?”

We advocate for maximum federal and state dollars, we collaborate to fill unmet needs gaps, and we provide a platform for information and resources.

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Are you a 501c3 or a 501c4?

We are both a 501c3 (Rebuild NorthBay Foundation) and a 501c4 organization (Rebuild NorthBay). We focus on Advocacy about 20% of the time with the rest of our focus on filling gaps where needed, providing information and resources through our digital portal, and collaborating with the public, private, and non-profit sectors.


How do you find projects?

Many people in the fire affected region are underinsured and yet personally responsible for shared resources, such as the walls that run along Hopper Ave in Coffey Park and the common perimeter fencing for Mark West and Larkfield Estates. Each of these projects costs approximately a half million dollars, thus adding to the personal cost of rebuilding for homeowners.

At Rebuild, we take on projects that are costly and require private funding to offset the cost of rebuilding in neighborhoods. The community brings these projects forward and then we evaluate what we can – and how we can help. We then set about finding partners, sponsors, funders, and collaborators. We are not magical, but we are determined.

It is imperative to demonstrate to those rebuilding that they are not alone. The community is here for them and we are committed to supporting our families with the goal of ensuring they can stay here, they are valued, and we are in this together.


How Can I Get Involved?

Visit our Community Resources page and look for opportunities to volunteer, donate, or share your ideas. You can also submit content for our website, from personal stories to helpful links to websites. This website is meant to be dynamic, relevant, and to improve in concert with community feedback and participation.

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How Can I Get in Touch with Rebuild?

We love to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We are grateful for your support to rebuild the North Bay better, safer, greener, and faster.