Honorary Board

Co-Chaired by Representative Mike Thompson and California Governor Gavin Newsom

About the Honorary Board

Rebuild NorthBay Foundation is committed to being a resource to community members and local government for the next five to seven years. It is crucial to the success of our organization to have support from every elected official who was directly affected by the October fires.

Rebuild NorthBay’s Honorary Board is a platform for counties and cities to share successes and challenges in a post-disaster environment. The Honorary Board is Co-Chaired by Representative Mike Thompson and California Governor Gavin Newsom. The board includes elected officials from Lake, Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma Counties, as well as cities within the region.

“As our community continues to recover from last year’s terrible fires, Rebuild North Bay has been a critical partner in that effort. It is my honor to join with them as we work together to tackle this process from all angles and continue bringing every resource to bear for those impacted by the fires. ”

Congressman Mike Thompson

Congressman Mike Thompson

Co-Chair, Federal, Rebuild NorthBay Foundation Honorary Board
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California Governor Gavin Newsom

Co-Chair, State, Rebuild NorthBay Foundation Honorary Board
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Rebuild NorthBay Foundation facilitates regional collaboration of elected officials through quarterly communications, advocacy support on state and federal levels, and by building private, public partnerships that allow us to solve problems.


Honorary Board Members


Sonoma County

Chair + District 4 Supervisor, James Gore
District 1 Supervisor, Susan Gorin
District 2 Supervisor, David Rabbitt
District 3 Supervisor, Shirlee Zane
District 5 Supervisor, Lynda Hopkins

Mendocino County

Chair + District 1 Supervisor, Carre Brown
District 2 Supervisor, John McCowen
District 3 Supervisor, Georgeanne Croskey
District 4 Supervisor, Dan Gjerde
Vice Chair + District 5 Supervisor, Dan Hamburg

Napa County

Chair + District 1 Supervisor, Brad Wagenknecht
District 2 Supervisor, Ryan Gregory
District 3 Supervisor, Diane Dillion
District 4 Supervisor, Alfredo Pedroza
District 5 Supervisor, Belia Ramos

Lake County

Chair + District 3 Supervisor, Jim Steele
Vice Chair + District 4 Supervisor, Tina Scott
District 1 Supervisor, Moke Simon
District 5 Supervisor, Rob Brown

City of Napa

Jill Techel, Mayor of Napa
Scott Sedgley, Councilmember
Peter Mott, Councilmember
Doris Gentry, Councilmember

City of Sonoma

Madolyn Agrimonti, Mayor of Sonoma
Gary Edwards, Mayor Pro Tem
David Cook, Councilmember
Amy Harrington, Councilmember
Rachel Hundley, Councilmember

City of Santa Rosa

Chris Coursey, Mayor of Santa Rosa
Chris Rogers, Vice Mayor
Julie Combs, Councilmember
John Sawyer, Councilmember
Tom Schwedhelm, Councilmember
Jack Tibbetts, Councilmember
Ernesto Olivares, Councilmember