The central question every organization must consider is “Are we doing work that positively impacts the community in ways that are relevant and useful?”

At Rebuild NorthBay, we ensure we are focusing on the right areas at the right time by asking this question every day: “What do you need and how can we help?” We are committed to “leadership through followership” when we undertake a project or an action. We do not set the agenda; instead, we listen carefully to what the community is requesting and then we assess what is possible.

From the beginning, our desire is to fill in gaps where needed and to avoid duplication of efforts. Our region’s recovery and rebuild is so monumental, it is critical we do not waste resources serving only one set of needs. To rebuild, the North Bay will require all of our collective talents and efforts until the last family is home.

Our vision is to rebuild the North Bay better, safer, greener and faster. RECOVER. REBUILD. REIMAGINE.