During the October fires, we confirmed that we can only get through our challenges collectively. Whatever was asked for was provided, most often by ordinary citizen rising as emergent leaders.

During the month of October 2017, we became the land of one thousand heroes. We delivered what was needed and we did this without regard to any of the labels we assign to ourselves and others. We simply delivered based upon our love of community, our compassion for humanity, and our need to get through that terrible time together.

At Rebuild NorthBay, we look towards that time as an inspirational model of how we will get through our post-disaster recovery and rebuild. While the firestorm may have been our most terrifying time physically, it was also the most inspiring human experience many of us have ever experienced.

We model our service after how the community responded: “What do you need and how can we help?” We then seek out partners in filling needs and gaps to assist in the recovery and rebuild. We are grateful for our amazing partners from the public, private, and non-profit sectors. We are positive that the only way we will make it through this marathon of rebuilding is together. Because together we can do anything.


Our Current Project Partners

Mark West + Larkfield Estates Neighborhood Groups