Community Impact Grant Recipients

Renewal Enterprise District – RED (2020)
Award $5,000. The RED proposes building not just homes, but communities to support sustainable living in a rapidly changing world. This grant will support Renewal Enterprise District’s RED Fund initiative to design and implement a new funding mechanism to accelerate the creation of infill, mid-to-high density housing near transit, jobs, services and other amenities, to address a county-wide housing shortage intensified by recent disasters, including wildfires, flooding, and now COVID-19 in Sonoma County.

South Lake County Volunteer Firefighters (2020)
Award $5,000. SLCFPD area includes the communities of Middletown, Anderson Springs, Cobb, Loch Lomond, and Hidden Valley, as well as numerous small developments and individual dwellings. The District also serves a portion of the geothermal geysers industry facilities on the western boundary of the District. The grant will help fund the South Lake County community near Jerusalem Grade Road replace old, non-intuitive road signage with 12 new street name signs and 88 new address signs, helping first responders in case of emergency navigate the neighborhood.

The LIME Foundation (2020)
Award $5,000. The LIME Foundation seeks to harness each individual’s potential by providing vital skills in music and the performing arts, construction, technology and health. This grant will support under-resourced Sonoma County youth, with free workforce development opportunities in construction trades, including solar technology, plumbing, architecture, electrical, carpentry, roofing and others.

Larkfield Resilience FundLarkfield Resilience Fund (2020)
Award $2500 The Larkfield Resilience Fund is managed by a 7 member Board of Directors who are all members of the community that lost their homes in the Tubbs Fire. This grant will support the making of public education videos meant to be shared with community and policymakers regarding vegetation mitigation as it relates to the reduction of wildfires within our watersheds.

North Coast Builders Exchange (2020)
Award $10,000. NCBE is a non-profit contractors association that provides services and representation to construction-related firms in Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake, and Napa Counties. This grant will help fund student scholarships, certifications, and supplies for their workforce development programming in Lake County and Napa County.

Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa (2020)
Award $10,000. Catholic Charities answers the call to care for all people transforming lives and communities through dignity, hope, and love. This grant will support the organization’s Disaster Case Management program for survivors of the fires from 2017, 2018, and 2019 in Lake County.

LandPathsLandPaths (2020)
Award $10,000. Established in 1996, LandPaths is a nonprofit community conservation organization with the mission of fostering a love of the land in Sonoma County. Diverse by design, we achieve this through three core initiatives: Rooting youth in nature; Branching out conservation for everyone; Growing community with nature.
This grant will increase wildfire prevention and preparedness and support long-term fire resilience in West Sonoma County by providing vital support for LandPaths to conduct essential fire fuel reduction work and community education & skill-building workshops on this land.

Sonoma Valley Community Health CenterSonoma Valley Community Health Center (2020)
Award $5000. The SVCHC’s mission is to provide accessible quality health care to those who need it, especially the underserved. This grant will support the procurement, installation, and maintenance of a gas-powered generator, enabling SVCHC to operate during PSPS, wildfires, storms, and other community emergencies.

Clear Lake Environmental Research CenterClear Lake Environmental Research Center (2020)
Award $5000. The Clear Lake Environmental Research Center exists to bring science, education, government, tribal and business groups together to resolve issues involving Clear Lake; Study the unique properties of Clear Lake and the surrounding area; Coordinate programs and projects that focus on solutions to environmental and economic problems locally and worldwide. This grant will support the organization’s new leadership role in facilitating landscape-scale forest health and wildfire resilience planning and implementation in Lake County. About CLERC.

Cobb Area CouncilCobb Area Council Resource Hub (2020)
Award $5,000. The Cobb Area Council is community based, community built, answering to the community. The purpose of C.A.C. is to increase the participation of the Cobb area residents in the decision­ making processes that affect their community. This mini-grant will fund the council’s purchase of office furniture and equipment. About the Cobb Area Council.

UCCERegents of the University of California (2020)
Award $5,000. UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Sonoma/Marin, is creating a “Match.Graze” system which connects landowners, who have no animals, to targeted grazers, those that can bring their animals on property to perform vegetation management service, this grant is to build the platform where these matches will happen.

Napa County Resource Conservation District (2020)
Award $17,044. The project partners wish to develop a brief video and host a series of workshops to educate landowners in the North Bay about cooperative approaches to doing vegetation management in order to mitigate fire fuel buildup. This project will focus specifically on the use of prescribed fire so that our communities understand how controlled burning occurs and why it can be an effective wildfire prevention tool. About the Napa County RCD.

Taking Action Intern (2020)
Award $6,000. Taking Action for Living Systems (TALS) brings together the resources and professionals to support land owners and managers implementing Fire and Climate Resilience and Watershed Health best management practices in four North Bay Counties. TALS will hire an intern to help with the execution of the next phase of their work.

South Lake County Fire Volunteer Firefighters (2020)
Award $5,000. To provide Smoke/Co detector, fire extinguisher and flashlight/lantern to our at risk citizens, seniors, non-English speakers and or financially challenged in our community. They are partnering with the local Ace Hardware (keep the money local) on combination Smoke/CO2 alarms that are battery operated, 5 pound dry chemical fire extinguisher and a flashlight/lantern. The goal is for these to be out to the residents before summer wildfire threat increases, and the PG&E PSPS (Public Safety Power Shut off) start happening. About the South Lake County Fire Volunteer Firefighters.

Lake County Community Risk Reduction Authority (2020)
Award $3,200. To pivot from in person fire education and disaster preparedness workshops to developing a website to host similar information and resources for the regions through the LCCCOAD in partnership with LCCRRA. About the Lake County Community Risk Reduction Authority.

KSVY (2020)
Award $1,000. Repurposed grant funds to purchase PPE to allow more than one person to use the broadcasting studios throughout the day. About KSVY.

Los Cien, Sonoma County (2020)
Award $5,000. To pivot their current programing to an online platform made up of Zoom webinars, Facebook Live, YouTube and our local bilingual station KBBF Radio, to reach an even larger audience. This will enable them to continue to be the bridge and advocate through their programming for the Latino community by bringing various community, state and federal leaders to the table and facilitate the necessary and urgent conversations between local stakeholders and the most vulnerable population. Los Cien, Sonoma County.

The Community Foundation of Mendocino County (2020)
Award $10,000. To continue to fund COVID-19 Resiliency Zoom grants to Mendocino County non-profits forced to work remotely due to the COVID-19 shelter in place order. CFMC.

Bennett Ridge Fire Safety Organization (2020)
Award $4,875. The Nuns Fire destroyed 92 homes, damaged others, and burned many large trees. At this stage in their recovery process the property owners are prioritizing debris removal and chipping to mitigate fire risk. Their need exceeds what the County Chipping Program could assist with, this grant will allow the community to hire a professional chipping crew to come and work with property owners for 2.5 days. Support the Bennet Ridge Fire Safety Organization.

Glen Ellen Forum (2020)
Award $4,800. For the Glen Ellen Forum  provide sixteen $300 nursery gift certificates to fire survivors to replant/re-green their fire ravaged barren properties.

Glen Ellen Forum (2020)
Award $5000. Grant to provide storage sheds and replacement landscaping to fire survivors.

Sonoma Valley Fire and Rescue Authority (2020)
The objective of this project is to empower SVFRA (Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority) and the residents of Sonoma Valley with real-time situational awareness tools in order for them to make educated evacuation decisions and acquire the resources to defend the community from future fire incidents. Perimeter will create a platform for first responders and civilians in the town of Sonoma with real-time information about any current disasters, as well as existing risks for which they can take preventative action.

North Bay Trades Introduction Program (2020)
NB TIP uses the nationally recognized MC3 curriculum with North Bay Building & Construction Trades Council approval to prepare candidates for successful careers through state registered apprenticeship. This apprenticeship readiness program needs gap funds to continue its work into 2020. Students of the 128 hour training will receive orientation to all trades, career guidance, apprenticeship application skill development and connections to union apprenticeships and the outstanding careers which follow.

Tubbs Fire Survivors
The grant has reimbursed the group for the cost of hosting the rally. Certain insurance companies intended to cut off access to hundreds (potentially thousands) of 2017 Northern California fire survivors’ unexhausted Additional Living Expenses (“ALE”) insurance coverage on October 8/9, 2019. In response, four Tubbs Fire survivors, in partnership with Legal Aid of Sonoma County, organized a public rally to raise awareness of the problem and motivate those insurance companies to continue their customers’ access to their existing insurance coverage.

Scott Adams, MPA Student, UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy (2020)
This grant will fund a partnership with Rebuild NorthBay Foundation to conduct academic research to identify and catalogue best practices around building resilient internet and telecommunications infrastructure, and the utilization of temporary communications technologies to be used in crisis. The culmination of the research will be a formal paper and best practices playbook for communities to better prepare their local internet and telecommunications infrastructure and utilize temporary technologies during and post natural disaster to better support emergency response, recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Habitat Corridor Project
This project will fund the initial five pilot workshops they have scheduled in anticipation of CalFIRE funding next year. These workshops will test the materials and presentations and start five neighborhoods on their way to resilience. This project is a partnership between UC Master Gardeners Program of Sonoma County, Sonoma Ecology Center and the Habitat Corridor Project. They are coming together to help Sonoma County residence build resiliency into their lives through these workshops on fire safe defensible landscapes.

Mayacamas Volunteer Fire Department (2019)
This project will provide the basic necessitates for overnight stays at the fire department for our volunteer firefighters, specifically the grant will provide filtered and iron free drinking water, cots and sleeping bags, dependable off-line am/fm radio communications news broadcast, and simple ways to cook meals for the fire fighters. Mayacamas Volunteer Fire Department

Nuestra Comunidad LogoNuestra Communidad (2019)
The non-profit organization Nuestra Comunidad works throughout Sonoma County in delivering bilingual, disaster preparedness education to diverse population with an emphasis on vulnerable and under-served communities.  They will focus on bilingual populations and will provide disaster outreach presentations for senior citizens in Sonoma County.

KSVY and the City of Sonoma (2019)
KSVY 91.3 Sonoma is non-profit community radio at its best—completely adopted by the Sonoma community. With over 60 volunteer hosts from the Sonoma area, each with varying interests and life views, KSVY’s programming is free of the constraints of commercial interest. The RiseUp Community Impact Grant will be used to purchase two generators for KSVY’s main station and their transmitter tower. This project will enable both KSVY and the City of Sonoma to remain in contact with the valley during the event of a power shut off and/or crisis.

The Lime Foundation (2019)
The NextGen Trades Academy is for students who may not have the opportunity to go to college. We train and help students find gainful employment in the trades fields and provide a workforce for local contractors. The RiseUp Community Impact Grant will be used for the purpose of supporting the NextGen Trades Academy 2019-2020 school year.

Office of Resiliency and Recovery Sonoma County
The Office of Resiliency & Recovery Sonoma County will use the RiseUp Community Impact Grant for Sonoma Ready Day, an event, which will offer emergency resources, demonstrations, short lectures, emergency vehicle displays, and tools to educate and empower community members to withstand and recover from emergencies.

News of the North Bay (2019)
News of the North Bay creates unique, original news content found nowhere else. These are the stories of our neighbors, businesses, news makers and issues that define our lives here in the North Bay Area.The RiseUp Community Impact Grant will support News of the North Bay’s continuing coverage of issues, events, and people-oriented news stories, including that of rebuilders and their efforts to become more resilient.

University of California Cooperative Extension Sonoma County (2019)
The mission of the University of California Cooperative Extension is to extend information developed at the University of California to enhance quality of life and the environmental and economic well-being of the citizens of California through research and education.UCCE Sonoma County will use their RiseUp Community Impact Grant for the purpose of targeted soil testing in community and school gardens and local farms based on high dioxin levels found at a school garden site in Santa Rosa from samples collected and analyzed after the 2017 wildfires.

Lake County Community Risk Reduction Authority (2019)
The LCCRRA is a comprehensive, overarching, collaborative approach to their community’s biggest concern — wildfires. The formation of the LCCRRA provides a means to reach out to the public about fire prevention, ways to protect their homes, how to improve their own properties, and as a broader and more long-range project, build partnerships with agencies to be part of and create large vegetation management projects. The RiseUp Community Impact Grant will help to further this project.

North Bay Construction Corps (2019)
The North Bay Construction Corps is a 5-month training program that introduces high school seniors to careers in construction and the trades.  The RiseUp Community Impact Grant will assist in expanding the construction training program and adding additional chapters in both Napa and Lake Counties.

Mendocino County Fire Safe Council (2019)
MCFSC is exploring the concept of developing in-house capabilities to own and operate a community fire-safety-focused vegetation management and defensible space program. The RiseUp Community Impact Grant will assist in this endeavor.

Glen Ellen Forum (2019)
The Glen Ellen Forum is building a stronger community; working together from a positive frame of mind on common goals; valuing experiences, with a shared sense of civil discourse and respect of participants; and carrying out work with elements of tolerance, co-operation, compromise, diversity, preservation and inclusiveness. The RiseUp Community Impact Grant will help the Forum to provide sheds and replacement landscaping for fire survivors.

Wolf Creek Firewise Community (2019)
Wolf Creek Firewise Community are neighbors helping to comply with the new Lake County ordinance regarding weed and brush abatement. They have contacted 800 property owners with information about the new ordinance and offer to volunteer in assisting with compliance. The RiseUp Community Impact Grant will contribute to buying supplies and equipment that will assist Lake County residents in complying with new weed abatement ordinances.

Mendocino County Construction Corps. (2019)
MCCC Is a four month construction training program for high school seniors. Participants will meet one evening a week, and one Saturday per month for the four months. At the end of the four months, participants will take part in a two week “boot camp” where they will practice the skills about which they have learned. The RiseUp Community Impact Grant will assist in the continuation of the program. Mendocino County Construction Corps.

Cobb Area Council (2019)
The Cobb Area Council (“CAC”) was formed in the summer of 2016 as a Municipal Advisory Council to support and advise the Lake County Board of Supervisors (“BOS”) on the specific needs of the Cobb Area. Following the Valley Fire of 2015, it became apparent that the Cobb communities needed a forum for public discussion, with the capacity to bring urgent needs to the county government. On June 9, 2016, the community voted unanimously to pass the resolution to create the CAC. A few weeks later, the BOS approved the resolution, as well.

Rebuild Green EXPO (2019)
Back by popular demand from 2018, the EXPO is a showcase for all aspects of how to build a healthy, low-carbon home. Rebuild Green Expo 2019

Fire Relief for Lake County (2019)
Rebuild Northbay Foundation’s (RBNF) board of directors held an emergency meeting on June 25th, 2018 in response to growing Pawnee wildfire in Lake County. The RNBF board approved an immediate donation of $25,000 to Lake County to offset the cost of fighting the Pawnee fire. Read more about Pawnee Fire Relief for Lake County.