Kincade Fire Fund

Rebuild NorthBay Foundation Kincade Fire Fund

The Kincade Fire was reported burning at John Kincade Road and Burned Mountain Road in The Geysers, northeast of Geyserville, California, at 9:57 PM on October 23, 2019. The fire started at 9:24 PM during an extreme wind event and subsequently burned 77,758 acres (31,468 ha) until the fire was fully contained on November 6, 2019. The fire threatened over 90,000 structures and caused the evacuation of 190,000 people throughout Sonoma County, including the communities of Geyserville, Healdsburg, and Windsor. The majority of Sonoma County and parts of Lake County were under evacuation warnings. The Kincade fire was the largest of the 2019 California wildfire season, and was also the largest wildfire ever to occur in Sonoma County

On October 26, PG&E began shutting off power in an attempt to prevent additional fires, leaving an estimated three million people without power.

The Kinkade Fire cost of response for Sonoma County was nearly $5 million dollars.

Rebuild NorthBay Foundation is proud to announce that through our 2019 Kincade Fire Fund we have granted funds to the following organizations:

$5,000 to First Responses Resiliency for their mental health support for first responders.

Nuestra Comunidad, with a $2,500 grant, for their incredible disaster preparedness education and outreach to the Latino community and the senior community

$3,000 to KBBF Radio, for their impressive outreach emergency broadcasting to not only Spanish speakers but also to Mixteco and Triqui, two Native American languages that are spoken by thousands of immigrants from Southern Mexican and Central America.

$2,500 to Geyserville Fire Protection to support the rebuild effort for the firefighters who have lost their homes. We appreciate all that the department does and are grateful to have their protection in Northern Sonoma County.

United Policy Holders through a $5,000 Kincade Fire grant for their insurance advocacy and education work with fire survivors. Insurance is never easy to navigate and it is so important to have a trusted 501c3 to reach out to help figure out your coverage and your rights.

COPE Northern Sonoma County with a Kincade Fire grant of $2,500 for their work helping communities identify, plan, organize and spearhead emergency preparedness projects.