RiseUp Project

Together We Can.

We are so proud to debut this short film about the RiseUp Project: replacing a mile of common fencing for the Mark West and Larkfield Estates neighborhoods. It is more than a fence, it is a measurable deliverable of progress and hope.

This project took over a year and 21 funders, but every moment was worth it. It was about answering the call from the neighborhoods who lost everything. It was about delivering on our commitment to be here until every family is home. What we are sure of is anything is possible because our community is strong and kind.

This was truly a collaboration with amazing community partners. A complete list of partners can be found at the bottom of this page. Bravo to Dogfilm for their film-making skills.

Click here to learn about our RiseUp Community Impact Grants Program

RiseUp Project: Volunteer Day

February 23rd, 2019

We are thrilled that after nearly a year, the RiseUp Project is nearing completion. With a group of wonderful partners, amazing neighborhood leadership, and generous funders, we have provided a mile of common fencing for Mark West and Larkfield Estates. Check out this interview from Rise Up Partner, Barry Friedman.

Watch Inteview

December 10th, 2018

The RiseUp Project is officially underway!

Rebuild NorthBay Foundation would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the RiseUp Partners & everyone who joined us for this morning’s groundbreaking ceremony. 

Together we can!


About the RiseUp Project

Larkfield Estates and Mark West Estates approached Rebuild NorthBay Foundation requesting assistance for approximately one mile of common perimeter fencing. Both neighborhoods were decimated in the fires and neither neighborhood has the means to replace the fence. This is an unmet need.

As a response, Rebuild partnered with Habitat for Humanity and together, we have raised the funds and created the right partnerships to put up one mile of common fencing for two subdivisions in Santa Rosa, thereby saving the homeowners the cost (~$500,000).

Fencing is not an obviously exciting cause, but much of the needs of fire survivors are practical and as basic as fences, bridges, etc. It is critical we step up and meet community needs as they arise. We must listen and then serve communities as they rebuild. Additionally, our larger community needs visual, tangible deliverables of hope and progress.

Meet the Rise Up Partners

Jennifer Gray Thompson
Executive Director, Rebuild NorthBay Foundation

Mike Holdner
Mark West Estates Home Owner

Henry Hansel
Rebuild NorthBay Foundation, Board Member

John Kennedy
Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County

Bruce Okrepkie
Sonoma Clean Power

Supervisor James Gore
Sonoma County Supervisor

RiseUp Project Partners