Rebuild CA 2020 Convening


Rebuild NorthBay Foundation, Rebuild Paradise Foundation, and Fannie Mae are cohosting the Rebuild California Convening on May 6 to 8, 2020 in Sonoma Valley, California. The purpose of the convening is to share best practices, learn from our colleagues, and strategize on how we can collaborate to ensure our region and state emerge from disasters more resilient. The intended audience are stakeholders from across the state as well as our colleagues who work on disaster nationally. We are also inviting people with expertise in wind and rain events who want to learn more about wildfire.

RNBF is regularly requested to share the lessons of the North Bay recovery and our unique approach to collaborative recovery. We travel to other areas of the state and country to share the model of public, private, nonprofit sector collaboration. In this work, we bring back knowledge and lessons from other disaster areas while continuing to highlight the ongoing needs and recovery here in the North Bay.

From these visits and convenings, we gain a greater knowledge about how to serve our own community, what problems are endemic in all post-disaster areas and need to be addressed for all areas.

Rebuild NorthBay Foundation does outreach, provides technical advice, facilitates communications, and shares resources with other areas affected by disasters. We believe part of our mission must include sharing our lessons and learning from others who have come before us. Disaster is a field wide open for innovation, incubation, and collaboration. We believe no community should have to learn how to recover and rebuild from disaster anew. That is why we are thrilled to be hosting this convening here in our region with some of our best collaborative partners.