From listening to the community, the Board of Directors determined Rebuild NorthBay Foundation could fill a need for information through a digital portal offering one comprehensive site for resources, information, personal stories, and updates. We intend this site to be a friendly and easy way to allow you to navigate the challenges of our post-disaster reality with greater ease.

“At Rebuild NorthBay, we understand the challenges of rebuilding can be overwhelming. With this website, we created a platform with information specific to each group while providing a friendly online presence. Rebuild NorthBay is committed to the long-term recovery of every part of our community as we continue to rebuild and strengthen our lives. ”

Elizabeth Gore, Chairwoman

Rebuild NorthBay Foundation Board of Directors


Help when you need it most.

We built this site from scratch over a period of 10 months and with an investment of ~$150,000. From the Board’s perspective, the investment is entirely worth the cost and staff time if it makes this process easier. We built this site with your needs in mind, but also with the idea that other disaster stricken areas are able to copy the model and adapt it for their own use within days of an event.

We chose four areas of concentration for the resource library: Resident, Business Owner, Contractor/Builder, Community. As we progress, we may need to change the areas, but this will largely be up to the community. Inside of the library, you will be able to search for resources specific to your area and need. Links include everything from how to rebuild greener to finding grants to ways to volunteer.

This website is intended to be dynamic, expansive, and comprehensive, therefore we depend upon users to offer feedback, suggestions for content, and event submissions. We view this site as a collaborative effort. Please do not hesitate to contact us.