RNBF advocates on three levels in a strategic, multi-sectored,
non-partisan fashion:


We are committed to supporting regional fire survivors. For example, we supported their request in their request to use PG&E $150B settlement funds from the devastating fires in 2017 to build Fire Wise communities for a more resilient future. We know investments in our wildlands today will yield massive relief for generations to come.


We support the State of California as it emerges as a leader in disaster recovery and resilience. We partner with agencies, such as CalFire, to build wildfire resiliency into our community. We endorse legislation that improves the lives of fire survivors and First Responders, such as CA Proposition 19. We believe in a holistic approach to mitigating the long-term risks of disaster from protecting watersheds to prescribed controlled burns.


We are resolute in advocating for our regional CDBG-DR funds and, at the same time, encouraging our federal elected leadership and agencies to streamline how communities apply for disaster relief immediately following the event and for the years following. We want a “Turbo Tax” model of disaster funds that builds in equity for every community, irrespective of their ability to hire large firms. We are not advocating for changes that solely benefit our own community; we are here for every disaster affected community.

We not only advocate for our region, we also teach other communities how to advocate for their own recoveries.

Together, we have a voice for change. Our mission is to ensure these voices are heard at the table where decisions are made.